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» 6/1/11 I'm back. I now have a time machine. Any requests?

» 11/5/06 Sorry about the lack of updates, I still haven't found a way to wind back the clock and get more time out of my day. I think a change of lifestyle is called for. Updates coming soon.

» 12/12/05 No I'm not dead, just busy. I have rebuilt the workshop and purchased a SIEG Super X3. I haven't dedicated pages to the new projects yet but have pics in the forum, click here to see the new workshop and here to see the Super X3.

» 5/6/05 I have had quite a few things on the go and not much time to spare. The workshop has been destroyed, by me and the young apprentices, to make way for a bigger and better facility. In 12 months I had outgrown what was originally going to last many years. I will be posting my progress in the coming weeks. Wood has been replaced with tapered flange steel girder beams. I have also added a shopping section to enable people easy access to the TIGs and Plasma Cutters that I sell. Check it out, the machines are great value, very reliable and far cheaper then in the shops.

» 20/3/05 The U.S Army genset got a workout today. I have added a 3 meg video file if you care to see the beast at work.

» 19/3/05 I'm back after much fun in the toolroom. I have rearranged everything to better suit my new needs thanks to the assistance from my trusty workshop crane. I have painted the shop floor and invested in even more tools. I sold the Transmig from last month as I found it too big and heavy for my needs. The procraft was better suited and could accomodate the AC/DC TIG on top. I have purchased a plasma cutter and new air compressor also. Check out the new workshop layout also. I have started selling the TIGs and plasmas on ebay so check em out or drop me a line. I have also added some more PDFs to the documentation section thanks to the kind donation of Robert Nimmo, thamks Rob.

» 20/2/05 Gidday all, I have two updates to share with you. Firstly, I have finally managed to take some pics of the beautiful and rare 1967 U.S Army Genset that I picked up. This is now an official tokentoolroom project. I will be converting this 38 year old 400hz APU into a 50Hz general purpose power source. Secondly, I purchased another MIG, couldn't help it, it's a remote wire feed model. Check out the Cigweld Transmig 250 pictures, quite a difference after a bit of cleaning.

» 23/1/05 Happy New Year to all. I have finally managed to get some time away from the kids to do some shopping for my toys and to do an update on the site. I have purchased a 210 Amp MIG welder for the workshop. I have more TIGs coming in a fortnight so if you want one let me know otherwise you can get one through me on ebay. The new TIGs will be yellow so I have held off on the full review until I get one.

» 12/12/04 'Tis the silly season and I have been too busy to get silly. I have started selling industrial grade inverter welders, the model known as the WSM-200A is the first of the line and it has sold quite well. I will do a full review of this machine and add it to the tool line up soon. Sorry I have not been able to give more updates.

» 06/11/04 I was making more railings today ( 3 more left ) and decided to take some pics of the horizontal band saw. It is the most used tool in the workshop but I have not documented it until today.

» 19/10/04 It has been some time since I last updated. I have been making up art deco railings for one of my customers. Painfully slow process but you get plenty of welding practice. I have re arranged the workshop and updated the workshop pics to reflect the changes. I have also added some pics of the 110 Piece Tap and Die Set. I will add a usage guide down the track.

» 04/09/04 I can't keep away can I. Today I got my TIG and am so excited I want to share it with the world. Well maybe not the world but other similar minded crazy and obsessed people. Patience and luck had everything to do with it. Check it out here. Now I will get back to my chores, I heard could be the missus coming to bust me. LOL.

» 29/08/04 I have been quite busy lately and need to take a break from the toolroom for around 4 weeks. I have a lot of other business that has been delayed as a result of my obsession. I have sold my mig and will be purchasing a TIG this week. I will update details on that and my other recent purchases ( 115 Pc Drill set, MT3 Live centre set, 2" milling vice, 110 Pc SAE / metric tap & die set, Pedestal drill press, 3" chuck for rotary table plus a few more) I will still be on the forum just not in the workshop.

» 25/08/04 I went shopping for metals to stock in the workshop. Check out the pic, this is what $280 AUD of brass and stainless looks like. The tick tacks are for size reference. I got some thin copper tube also. Total weight was 73 kilos.

» 23/08/04 Painted workshop and updated pics. I have chosen sterile white as this aids in keeping the whole area clean. Added a new project, I will attempt to motorise a scooter. Stay tuned as I will update as I go.

» 18/08/04 Added Drill Vs Tap Chart. I have added a pdf chart to assist with the required drill sizes when tapping threads. The document is locked to prevent printing. If you wish to print it, please register in the forum and make 5 posts. Email me when you have done this and I will send you the password to unlock the document. Sorry to be a pain but the forum is quite lonely.

» 8/08/04 New X3 Variant. Chris posted some interesting news in the Forum about the X3 being shipped with a longer column and XY table. Apparently the new variants ship with 100mm longer column and 100mm longer table. The extended table has a leadscrew bearing support on the left hand side. Chris also gave me some links to a Japanese site with an X3 that has been modded to the max. The site is translated by Alta Vista so excuse the english. Click here to go to the site. Thanks for the info Chris.

» 24/07/04 Quick Update. I have been painting the workshop in sterile white and got my long awaited new rig. A kia Sorento 4x4. I cherish the memories of my 351 Ford Bronco V8 from my youth but we must move ahead. We were lucky this year and got some snow overnight. I got a snap of the car with a wee bit of snow on it.

» 10/07/04 PDF File Added. I have added a PDF file detailing Welding and machining practices. The stuff is from old books which are now classed public domain. Beware it is a hefty 29 meg download.

» 7/07/04 Site Change Completed. The site and forum are fully operational. I had some issues with setting up the sql database but all seems to have worked out. :)

» 7/07/04 Site Hosting Changes. I have transfered the site to a bigger server, now I have 5 gig a day bandwidth, and 1 gig site storage. My old host gave me 1 gig a month bandwidth and 10 meg site storage. Quite a difference eh?

» 2/07/04 Site Colours Updated. We are sporting a brand new look. I went for black as it is easier on my eyes. Also a few tweaks under the bonnet to appease the search engines.

» 22/06/04 Machinery Added. Added details about my newly acquired rotary table from the USA.

» 21/06/04 Machinery Added. Put details in about the parts washer and the grinder.

» 19/06/04 Forum Added. Setup the forum. Please join and chat about workshop stuff.

» 19/06/04 Heaps Added. Added workshop detail, the lathe , the welder.

» 18/06/04 Project Added. Details about my .96" to 1.25" telescope video camera adapter.

» 03/06/04 Website Launch Took me long enough, well here it is.