In my search for info on machine shops I discovered the basics were not really talked about. It is assumed everyone is born with the basics already built in. Well not me, I didn't even know what a collet was or what it's chuck was for. In this section I will detail the basics and as I learn I will add the more advanced info. Click on the blue document titles to download the PDF files.

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A huge collection of 1960s info on machining and welding techniques. Info is public domain.
Pass lock
29 Megs
A chart to enable the correct drill size selection when tapping holes.
Pass Lock
46 Kb
A gold mine of useful info regarding setting up your lathe correctly, sharpening cutting tools, correcting alignment errors, screw cutting, practice examples, attachments, lots of useful tables and info on steel tempering hardening annealing etc.
3.2 Megs

GMAW Welding

Parts 1 & 2

Need a lesson on MIG welding? don't know a thing about it? Here is an excellent resource kindly donated by Robbert Nimmo, a.k.a bobbavet in the forum. Thanks Robert.


P1 5 Megs

P2 3 Megs

Another of Robs documents about Oxy Accetylene welding
3 megs