One of my Ebay customers required an adapter for a telescope video camera he purchased from me. I know you can buy these adapters but I offered to make him one instead. Being a newby engineer I needed all the practice I could get.

Outcomes: I learned that I need to purchase a boring bar set. You don't want to know how I managed to bore out the job.

First you load up the lazy man's hacksaw. I did not have any round stock.

Then you turn it on and let it cut,cut,cut..yawn, cut, yawn some more and finish 10 minutes later


Now because it is a squarish piece you have to use your 4 jaw chuck. This was my first time ever using the 4 jaw chucky. It was pretty easy to centre it.


I set the lathe to 600 RPM and donned the safety gear. I hope I did the right thing. Anyway, after a few cuts I was turning a square into a squircle.


Wow, a few cuts later my squircle became a circle. So far so good. There was a lot of swarfy stuff all over the floor. I messed up the workshop bad.



Now I had to drill a hole in the centre so that I could start boring out a hole that would be .96". This hole would take the video camera lens.



Now with the centre bored out it was time to put a colar on the outside as well as seat on the inside.


The seat will accomodate the collar of the camera lens to enable a snug fit.


Het presto it's finished. The 0.96" lens is on the left, the adapter on the right. The lens screws into the TV camera.


Here you have the lens fitted to the adapter. I allowed a 0.6mm clearance for the adapter so it is easily fitted to the scope eyepiece.